Sales and Purchase Order Management

  • Main features are:
    1. Order List with Advanced Search Filter.
    2. Nested List with In-Place Viewing For Order Detail.
    3. Orders Managed with Workflows.
    4. Multi-Dimensional Workflows: Status, Shipping and Financial.
    5. Generate Detailed Orders with In-Place Editing Screen.
    6. Wide Range of Order Reports.
  • Sales Order Management
    1. Sales Order List
    2. Sales Order Editor
  • Sales Order File Cabinet
  • Purchase Order Management
    1. Purchase Order List
    2. Purchase Order Editor
  • Purchase Order File Cabinet

Shipping Management

  • Main features are:
    1. Shipping note List With Search Filter.
    2. Nested List For Item Viewing.
    3. Generate Invoices From Packing shipping Notes Directly.
    4. Mass status update.
    5. Several Reports.
  • Packing Note Management
    1. Packing Note List
    2. Packing Note Editor
  • Receiving Note Management
    1. Receiving Note List
    2. Receiving Note Editor