Our Vision

make your work life simpler, more pleasant, and more productive.

grow and take the hassle out of running your business.

Our Product

is an effective web business collaboration hub for your internal operations and communications with your clients and suppliers, which brings the right people, information, and tools together to get work done.

is a shared journal backed by immutable inter-related ledgers for recording the history of all business transactions. This chain of transactions covers CRM issues, inventory items, sales/purchase orders, shipping & receiving, AR & AP invoices, payment, and accounting. eCBK equips all subscribed businesses with their permissioned-journal of records for inter-related ledgers and their associated contents (e.g. signed contracts) tagged with relevant meta-data.

used by thousands of businesses around the world not only to bring their team members together as one by unifying their systems, and drive their businesses forward but also to maintain traceable and auditable communications with the clients and suppliers to maximise the productivity and meet the set business objectives with lower cost.

eCBK Has Comprehensive Functional Coverage

eCBK Comprehensive Functional Coverage
  • Managing the internal business operation.
  • Work smart through automation and unifying your internal communication channels.
eCBK Comprehensive Functional Coverage
  • Your clients and suppliers communicate with your business via web login.
  • Clients can reach you 24/7 so you can meet their expectations. Nobody will drop the ball. All communications in one central system.
eCBK Comprehensive Functional Coverage
  • Communication across the Global Catalogue trading exchange for selling and buying.
  • Actively reach out to potential clients, increase revenue, reduce buying costs, shrink inventory capital, and improve your bottom line.

eCBK helps you to:

  1. run your internal business operations.
  2. manage client & supplier collaborative communications with a high level of traceability and audit.
  3. sell and purchase with no stress anytime and anywhere.
  4. grow your business with minimum capital and pave the shorter road to pick up clients that you couldn't reach; by choosing whom to connect and send a request to connect.


Dr Intesar El Ramley is the CEO and founder of INToo Solutions. Over the past 20 years, he has had a distinguished career as an entrepreneur, software architect, and an inventor.

In 2017, Intesar helped build eCBK, a new category of cloud software solution that has changed the way that small and medium companies conduct their business by bringing together each company's teams, clients, suppliers and data, to support those teams to do their best work. Since then, over 10,000 organisations in over 50 countries have turned to eCBK to increase their operational agility - making it the place to communicate, collaborate, sell, gain more clients, reduce purchasing costs by connecting with more suppliers, get profit margins up and execute work effectively without stress.

In 2000, Intesar pioneered a new way of sharing data files between devices on the Internet when he filed a patent titled “Managed Remote Virtual Mass Storage for Client Data Terminal” which was later sold. Since then this patent has been cited by more than ten technology companies like Nokia Corporation, Research In Motion, and Dropbox. In 1999 he founded Meridex Software Corporation that went public and was one of the few internet companies that made it through the 2000 economic crisis. Intesar sold his share position in 2007.

Intesar has a Bachelor of Physics (Honours, ranked first) from the University of Baghdad, an M.Sc. in Lasers and a PhD in Electronic System Engineering, both from the University of Essex (UK). He retains academic interests in DNA and Protein Quantum Mechanics Modelling, and philosophy of science.

Dr. Intesar El Ramley