Our Vision

  • make your work life simpler, more pleasant, and more productive.

  • grow and take the hassle out of running your business.


Dr Intesar El Ramley is the CEO and founder of INToo Solutions. Over the past 20 years, he has had a distinguished career as an entrepreneur, software architect, and an inventor.

In 2017, Intesar helped building eCBK, a new category of a cloud software solution that changed the way small and medium companies conduct their business by bringing together company’s team, clients, suppliers, and data to support those teams do their best work. Since then, over 10,000 organisations in over 50 countries have turned to eCBK to increase their operational agility--making it the place to communicate, collaborate, selling & gain more clients, reduce purchasing cost by connecting with more suppliers, get profit margins up and exceute work effectively without stress.

In 2000, Intesar pioneered a new way of sharing data files between devices on the Internet when he filed a patent titled “Managed Remote Virtual Mass Storage for Client Data Terminal” which later sold. Since then this patent has been cited by more than ten technology companies like Nokia Corporation, Research In Motion, and Dropbox. In 1999 he founded Meridex Software Corporation that went public and was one of the few internet companies that made it through the 2000 economic crisis and later sold his position in 2007.

Intesar has a Bachelor in Physics (Hons ranked first) from the University of Baghdad, M.Sc. in Lasers and PhD in Electronic System Engineering from the University of Essex (UK). He retains academic interests in DNA and Protein Quantum Mechanics Modelling, and philosophy of science.

Dr. Intesar El Ramley

Board of Directors

Mr Hubert O’Toole is the chairman of the board, devoting 20% to 40% of his working time to the affairs of our company. .

Mr O’Toole started his employment with Canadian Pacific Airlines and rose to the position of Vice President of Sales and Service in 1983, responsible for worldwide sales, airport operations, cargo, international negotiations, liaison with government and industry bodies and for the profitability of scheduled and charter operations. Since April 1995 Mr O’Toole was the Director and Chairman of the Audit Committee of Nuequus Petroleum Corporation. Mr O’Toole has been a director and the Chief Financial Officer of INToo Software since 1999. Also, Mr OToole assumed several board positions at Meridex Software corporation from 2000 until 2007 alongside Dr Ramley.

Mr O’Toole was instrumental in helping Dr Ramley to file his patent with the US Patent Office and selling it in 2001. In 2005; he managed the project for Dr Ramley to apply and obtain the SR&ED innovation award from the government of Canada.

Mr O’Toole studied accounting and economics law in Liverpool, England, before emigrating to Canada in 1959. In 1961, Mr O’Toole received an Diploma in marketing and business administration from the University of British Columbia.

Mr Hubert O’Toole

Prof. Saad Znad Darwish is a board member of INToo Solutions. He is a highly recognised leader in managing large government agencies and universities by providing collaborative management for the faculties to deliver excellence in the full portfolio of public services and academic activities, within the context of the operation and strategic development.

In 2017, Prof Darwish helped in shaping the vision ,mission and strategic objectives the offering of eCBK, as a new category of a cloud software solution to change the way in which small and medium companies conduct their business and reduce risks by bringing together company’s team, clients, suppliers, and data to support those teams do their best work.

Prof Saad has a Bachelor in Business Administration from the Al-Hikmah American University, M.Sc. in Insurance Management and PhD in Risk Management from Westminster University (UK). He is a Certified Fellow of Risk Management Institute, Fellow of the Royal Society for Arts, Management and Commerce (FRSA, UK) and a UNESCO Consultant on Technical and Vocational Education.

Prof Saad had authored and published more than 40 refereed papers in scientific journals about Risk Management & Insurance Practices and published books on other business disciplines.

Prof. Saad Znad Darwish